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fighting the war for your mind one song at a time


released October 21, 2009



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Goldishack Guerrillas New York, New York

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Track Name: REBEL
R! E! B! E! L! .. fightin what we callin hell
R! E! B! E! L! .. against what they're tryin to sell

if you take 2 sides, arm them, and put up a fence, what do u got ..
hindu christian jewish islam all religions all be bitchin cause what do they want ..
more! that's right
a few are gonna be rich, while most die bein poor
... its such a small small world that's wanting more more more
but baby put down your gun, i'm havin too much fun,
this ain't no gang rap track that's on

R! E! B! E! L! .. fightin what we callin hell
R! E! B! E! L! .. against what they're tryin to sell

it's business and politics from professional apologists
and we're sorry about the bad health, the toxins and the policies
cause nothing seems that shocking even the terrorists is gossiping like .. but their lipgloss is poppin
suburbia, disturbia. hipsters and hernias
terrified lives from being economic servicers
that's what them schools be learnin' ya
fear depression short erection catastrophy to apathy
cause that interest can murder ya

lets have some fun! he got a gun. who's got a gun?
there's more than one? hey where you from?
lets fight for crumbs! producer! doctor! lawyer! .. GUN!
run bomb planes cars son daughter dad mom
we got it all and we ready for war

ready for war

che guevara, and ghandi .. mandela
all fought for the poor, and what did they get .. WAR!
and if you really want peace but you can't get a piece of bread .. what do you get? WAR!
so if there ain't no justice this what you get
they got the money guns and tv but we ain't done yet
so baby take to the streets the people can't be beat
we gonna fight this war for peace.. PEACE!

R! E! B! E! L! .. fightin what we callin hell
R! E! B! E! L! .. against what they're tryin to sell
Track Name: Lazy Fat Stupid American feat Rush Limbaugh
(rush rambling)

that's you .. america!
proud to be .. stand up
pledge allegiance to
ladies and gentlemen...

stand up with your hands over your heart, the other hand on the remote because the show's gonna start
the greatest show on earth, if you wanna watch it'll cost ya
freedom ain't free but we'll make you an offer
let your pot bellies hang, let that cleavage out
coca-cola in every country and cocaine in your house
working smarter not harder education is out
if you fat lazy and uninformed come on sing it out!
its america!

(rush cursing me out)
glad to be, proud to be
stand up

heeyy! what you doing? i'm barbecueing its the state of the union!
we shoot shit .. no need to prove it, don't take it from me i seen it on tv
we toppled osama, poppin our collar, goin in these countries trying to top our dollar
now grab a partner and gas up your car, and grab another hot dog -- we goin to war!

(rush cursing me out)
glad to be, proud to be
stand up

that's me how i like to be
eatin m & m's and shoppin qvc
(girl on couch:) hey baby turn on shock and awe --
i love that show!
cause its like i'm right there, but i'm safe at home
i think that keifer sutherland is helping these guys
i just wanna call back rush, and say high five!
man its just unreal, what we can do
that apache cobra stealth, its so damn cool!

one thing is for sure, these wars keep gettting better
we got pinpoint bombs that work in any weather
put this shit on every channel -- i can't get enough
show those dark brown men how to play it rough
rush was right all along people love to get bombed
this is fun, and that's why your shows #1
and now i wrote u this song
its for u so come on, open up -- blow blow-- and sing along!

come on rush sing along baby i love your voice

(rush cursing goldi)

(rush rambling more garbage)


R -- stand up with your hands over your heart and pledge allegiance to a country where you don't have to be smart
G -- you could be president anyone can -- ain't that wierd?
R -- an electoral college graduate right here
G -- cause with money and guns you got the world on the run
R -- and if we run out of countries we'll just bomb the first one
G -- or take a vote: for all you men, the children, the moms
BOTH -- now raise up your hands if you wanna get bombed!!


RCYN concludes:

don't rumble with the big boys unless you wanna get bombed for no fucking reason
we're wherever you're at. we're where your mom's at. we're where your cousins at.
we got a base in your backyard, cause we're lazy we're fat and we don't wanna move.
we're right there motherfucker. yeah that's right .. we don't wanna be traveling too far.
proud to be!
Track Name: War We Bring
War We Bring

its a .. war they want .. wars we breed
cause .. the more we got the more we need ..
the more ... those on the top oppress the weak
and more or less everybody dies in between

the more we fight the less we're free
the less we stop the more we bleed
the more that's red the less thats green
like trees, .. so, readjust your tv screens
i'll wait ...

now you..
you helped the greens and stopped the reds
you .. found the browns and made them dead
you found every other color, and took their bread
and all that before you even got outta bed

(the more) .. wars we want .. the more we bring
the more we kill the less they scream
.. the less we think why we want more
the more you gonna see and bring this thing called war

war they want
war we bring
if it's a war they want
then it's a war we bring, a war we sing ..

now its a low down dirty shame, what a brother gotta do today
just to get on top now
now some sell out, dead out, most get shot down
war against drugs, and war against terror
war make money make war against your brother
you're hard? cops and robbers start a gangster war
24/7 around the clock we give thanks for war
listen to the song we sing

i call my dogs we sit up at the bar we drink
but no man problem starter from the smallest thing
we can't eat guns we fly overseas and start a hunger war
desert storm lightning strike start a thunder war
sleep under war literally fucked when we come for war
so gather round we'd love to see each other war

sip the gimlet when they spit down at Sin Sin
kind of pissed cause the presidents a Texan
now i'm afraid because the presidents a black man
if they attack him what happens then?
the people on the streets all gonna riot
politicians and police can't stop it
television got my stem cells rotting
that's why i stay steady obnoxious
taking in these fumes so toxic
one thing for sure -- can't be boxed in
when the wars starts ain't no stopping
so i'm a straight keep the party rockin
until the day that your head stop nodding
and i'm gonna sing my song
so when i go, i still won't be gone, i still won't be gone
and now the war is on .. the war is on ..
Track Name: War★Mart

welcome to War-Mart!

everybody gather round
we bring the beat to your forehead
let me see more red
let me see more dead
the dollars down
i swear you can afford it
everything is on sale now
so lets all go to hell

ladies and gentlemen caucasion and melanin
here's a steal for your back pocket
i'm about to sell you a nuclear rocket
for the low low price of 1.99

you want it? there's something in the air
napalm anthrax bring in a new year
shop to you drop spread the loving around
white phosphorus, yellow cake and blackhawks down

freedom in a free fire zone
its a fire sale and everything goes
we the free-est of the free you're supposed to know
so grab it while its hot its about to blow

welcome to war-mart!

we're in .. war mart sales events galore
this is more mega than your largest mega store
we got open air isles from coast to coast
so raise your glass, shop and have a toast
to YOU .. everybody

i got some airborne nitro glycerin
for a small dividend you can put it in your enemy's system
5 million per milligram
if you're a gentlemen make a bid on behalf of your nation

and if your nations strapped for cash you don't have to ask
you just put it on your tab who cares if your credit is bad
and if the market crash then its yours to have
end up a 3rd world country in a plastic bag

and if you don't know baby, well now you know
what all those billion dollar credits and guns are for
now you can keep your country cause we got your soul
and just one more thing, you're going to war ..

welcome to war-mart!

we're in .. war mart sales events galore
this is more mega than your largest mega store
we got open air isles from coast to coast
so raise your glass, shop and have a toast
to YOU .. everybody
Track Name: We're The Ones
now i dont wanna be the one, that tells you to think
i don't wanna be the one to put your brain on the brink
we're the ones, you heard about
we're the ones that your mama told u about

we're the ones baby that are makin this fun
we the ones that got the world on the run
we're the ones with the tv that shuts your brain
we the ones that cut the freedom up w sugarcane
we the ones so cool like rock n roll
playin that guitar to try to save your soul
but u still do as your told, we in total control
well .. everybody's gotta play their role

we're the evil .. they taught in school
raising all you children into full grown fools
and for the smart ones hell... we silenced them all!
we the greatest in the world screamin fuck the law!
we ride at night while u in bed ..
by the daytime all the papers wash us clean as hell,
its like u never seen, and you never will
so sit back and enjoy our kill!

WE'RE THE ONES! your mama told you about!
WE'RE THE ONES!...that make u scream and shout
WE'RE THE ONES!...that put the rock in roll
WE'RE THE ONES!...so come on baby save your soul!

WE'RE THE ONES! yeah your mama told u about
WE'RE THE ONES! we're number 1 sister have no doubt
WE'RE THE ONES!..the ones packin some serious heat
WE'RE THE ONES!..we bring that global war to your local street

if you lookin for the one then don't look no further
the same one, whats up love, you know the vibe when you heard it
we're the head nod, the smart bomb that wakes you a night
like a segregated mosh pit its more than a fight
we're the u2 of youtube we doin it right
yeah the power of the people kept under control
we the 3 am call who answers the phone?
ITS US! who set the beat of the drum
that you march to the cartoon the kids gonna love
we're the hip hop the pit stop wherever you from
we're the submarine who brings the truth to the surface
we're the heat, the campfire you put in your furnace
we're the middle east mason dixon writing them lines
sending information through the hallliburton grape vine
yeah the sames ones supporting the track
with the force you want the raw shit? we bringin it back

WE'RE THE ONES! your mama told you about
WE'RE THE ONES!...that make u scream and shout
WE'RE THE ONES!...that put the rock in roll
WE'RE THE ONES!...so come on baby save ur soul!

WE'RE THE ONES!..yeah your mama told u about
WE'RE THE ONES!..we the bomb that makes you scream and shout
WE'RE THE ONES!.. you love that rock n roll
WE'RE THE ONES! .. so come on baby save your soul
Track Name: Bulldozer
this is a story about a bulldozer:

make way make way .. coming through
oh is that yours?

GIRL: it took my home and my brother away from me

fuck your house fuck your land fuck your rules fuck your laws BULLDOZER
fuck your crew, fuck your view, fuck your rights, your family too, BULLDOZER

here we come, we barreling through
like a megaton monster demolishing who what when why
this joy so fly, fortified and strengthen by my political ties
"you lyin!" shit you can't run can't hide! "you can do that shit?"
when you got the backing that you need? "sweet!" and we shall proceed..
and continue , to to knock down your wife, run over your kids, grandma's crib
i take it i want it and when it's demolished it's mine
i love my bulldozer i keep it polished and shined
a dirty earth mover put your house in the sea
buy one and get the hat shirt and calendar free

fuck your house fuck your land fuck your rules fuck your laws BULLDOZER
fuck your crew, fuck your view, fuck your rights, your family too, BULLDOZER

HEY! get out of the way. everybody knows peace is gay so
HEY! get out of the way.. we got so much to move today
from the highest mountains, down to sea, there ain't no running from this army
we got democracy and theocracy once again in perfect harmony
so here we stand the chosen man bulldozing chosen land what you grow we blow to sand
some may call it a crusade but we can't see any other way
so drop your things, drop your dreams don't stop to think ALL EARS
can't you hear that freedom ring?
(ding ding) here we come i'm armed and backed bipartisan with god on our side making guns this bulldozing is so damn fun
so, make way we're coming through and there ain't a damn thing you can do
i got a 100 tons to your 100 pounds and 300 to 1 you're going down so..
run away what you got to say cause everybody knows that peace is gay
just run run away to the sand to play cause no matter what you say we're here to stay so ..

fuck your house fuck your land fuck your rules fuck your laws BULLDOZER
fuck your crew, fuck your view, fuck your rights, your family too, BULLDOZER

oh no here they come!
gun shots aiming at my dome, these goddam tanks won't leave me alone
it's like everywhere i'm seeing the chrome
got to fight a tank with a shank and a stone
and if it's on then it's on and it's on
my mama always said why you act so grown
but mama i've been up in these streets all alone
trying to stop the bulldozers running over my home
mama get dressed when they come it's on
on a late night trying to take our crib we gone
don't worry about your baby boy trust i'm grown
if the boys rush the spot they might get blown

fee fi foo fum i smell blood of a homeless man
we fight for fun, keep these families on the run

BULLDOZER! that's how we do it!
i want to give a big shout out to the government for giving me the ability to do this
and a big shout out to freedom and liberty, and the freedom to bulldoze
i don't think anybody else can do this and i thank you
thank you everyone for giving me everything that's yours, i appreciate it
god bless, goodnight
Track Name: Ain't Got No / Dear Mr. President
ain't got nothin.. but guns and bombs
i ain't got no money, i'm losin my home
we know right ain't right, still everything's wrong
hey mr president whats goin on?

i ain't got no!

i ain't got no arms .. no legs, a market crash
and our vets set the record how long headaches last
with 8 long years bleeding lives and cash
it's like bin laden came and kicked our ass

cause our .. dumb leaders sold us culture wars
and our .. dumb media bought the cause
and then our dumb leaders re wrote the laws
and now the guns point at us like it's our fault

(i ain't got no!)

job .. cause .. it's freedom man
like the corporations breathin our oxygen
all our money filled the country up with weapons plants
and ... put us all up against the fence

(i ain't got no!)

for peace love or harmony
cause ... that's what america meant to me
now if ..... we're the ones we've been waiting for
then first things first .. stop american wars

no hate, no prejudice just a hole in the wall
apartment that i'm livin in while i scribble my thoughts
but lately i'm stepping lighter and i walk with a bop
and main street is heading to wall street to fiddle with stocks
after years of being robbed bamboozled and hoodwinked
broke with a small ecological footprint
we going green giving money away like christmas
while we're going red socializing big business
i ain't got no time no patience still stuck in this matrix
i'm disconnected waiting on my scheduled maintenance
our cultural commodified lives equal homocide
we rebel you apologize scarred like kids at colombine
breaker 1-9 to the commander in chief
we're warring for peace no more commander in thief
with a strangle hold on energy why we're handling beef
it's power to the people ya'll we're playing for keeps

mr president i'm an ignorant american born in baltimore maryland
only difference between me and them is my parents spoke indian
a product of immigration up in the nation
my parents gave me hardest? years, worked harder yet i guess you can call them pioneers of their fields
strong as steel against the prejudice oh yes but now me and nicholas pulled a gold
and now i'm with goldi up in the shack looking back at the times that were hard keeping up my guard
but now obama in the office i thought we lost this but now we're back to react and attack everyone asleep in the coffin
drink your coffee and wake up and stop doing your crimes put your hands up and scream everyday for the people that's sublime
Track Name: Open Letter
mom: lets talk
my uncle: lets talk
Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity: lets talk
everyone: lets talk

the guns, the bombs. they invade your homes
like the sounds coming thru on the radio
imagine its your time, that you have to go
and you little neighborhood declared a free fire zone

u ain't safe no, despite the promises
u can build a bigger wall around your premises
but if you don't wake up, this premise is
you'll be lookin just like them, the problem is

your god, that says, thou shalt not kill
yet you do it all the time yes you will you will
cause the tv keeps on feeding you your nightly pills
and .. u don't really care no you don't feel don't feel

you keep voting into power, these men of greed
the same ones owning every part of your tv
the ones who want way more than what they need
the ones who leaves half the world without enough to eat

so they tell you, to point, the fingers too
cause enemies of freedom is their money tool
but do onto others and they you'd want them to
do onto you, another godly rule
or we gonna break that too? is god that cruel?
it seems its just too much, to talk to you, to you..

the guns, the bombs, this world of yours
i was a perfect little human, your youngest boy
something like a family makes a world of joy
inch by inch the children learnin building to destroy

it took me .. 8 years, to see the scheme
and what i always thought was only my naivete
was shared by everyone, perfection it seemed
something only realized thru a childs dream

MOM if you don't know, well hell who does?
answer is no one, well hell it was
and it still is, and only getting worse
and u wanna bring religion in to heal this curse??

the guns, the bombs, go on and on
by the same god you taught me about when i was young
and the same ones used on us in lebanon
paid with your tax money, spent on arms

i can't think of anyone .. with hatred worse
these same people bloody up .. the history books
the ones so quick to point the finger, at you first
and they stick it to your family, til it hurts

they're racist, sexist, and hold their rule
thru generations keepin people dumb as fools
cause power and religion and democracy
dont give a fuck about you or humanity

they'll leave you out to dry cause freedom rules
u got the freedom to die, and that's what we do
but u also got the freedom, to think for yourself
and to love your fellow man, despite this hell

i can't teach you, write from wrong
and i'm sick of talking so i wrote this song
but if you're not, the best of moms
we can kiss the world goodbye until its gone its gone its gone

mom.. don't let it be..
Track Name: Can't Nobody Hold Us Down
everybody get your helmets on
cause this right here what's goin on
makes what happened in the 60's just a false alarm
it's the same old shit with bigger bombs

and .. every time one hits the ground
like every second, that bass that pounds
my head so hard and that waft from hell
it's the same burnt smell like when the towers fell
and what'd we get?

more years w constant tears and more fears with constant hate
put a country that was something in a dismal state
and made a hopeful world less than great

more pain and floods and rains
no change to our violent ways
we got 2 or 3 wars for each damn year
now can't we solve one problem whats happenin here? NOW

and such a mystery why we can't learn from history
while any child can see -- calling humanity

everybody come and hear this sound
cause this right here, whats goin down
is gonna take everything, that you're made of
to throw it all away, except the love

can't nobody hold us down
can't nobody hold us down

pour some whiskey in a glass
light a smoke and lets start thinking
while we're playing the race card we racing to armageddon
the sun's setting you chasing gold so come get it
when they hit us and shed light on fake politics
police paint a description and they fit it
underestimated like the son of a slave did it
that saturated fat on my back tv selling me pills man that sound like crack
government holding the crown they ain't holding me back
no excuses the future is ours to enact
so hold your head above water there's a war underground
turn it up loud

i was feeling down so low i didn't know where to go lost my soul trying to find my way
and time -- she doesn't seem to wait or ever hesitate to tell me i'm going to slow
so i'm gonna find the find the divine inside if i can't rewind i'm doing you right now
up in the moment i'm in i'm trying to see clear but the fear is blinding
but i know that i'm near the summit i'm sick to my stomach but i can't run from it
i gotta do what i've never done to do something
well the king and queen sitting on the thrown they all fallin down cause nobody knows where we're going
it don't matter but i've had it and you can't hold me anymore

can't nobody nold us down can't nobody hold us down
the revolution is not yesterday the revolution is not tomorrow
our revolution is right now
and nobody can hold us down